Meditation Spaces



I love the idea of having a meditation space, it would surely make it easier to actually do so. Even though meditating is still insanely difficult where ever you are, maybe it could just become a “chill” space, a space to take the edge off, a place to get relaxed without having any alcohol involved – possible do you think?


You don’t need much for a special spot. Just a quiet little nook, a comfy cushion, a candle, a few flowers and maybe a crystal or two. You could create your own little altar like the one above.


Or this one – simply gorgeous – fresh lavender is perfect as it’s beautiful and has a wonderful scent.


There have been so many studies proving how beneficial mediation is. Lowering stress, focusing the mind, building immunity, reducing blood pressure, and decreasing inflammation in the body are just a few side effects.


Your own space to withdraw from the world and turn inward is a beautiful gift to yourself. Even a few minutes of quiet a day can be tremendously beneficial.


Essential oils and incense are lovely additions. Beauty, peace and calm – I wonder what would happen if mediation became part of the school curriculum:)


Photo credits Pinterest

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