London, 22 years ago!


It was strange to be back in London (staying at  the My Chelsea Hotel) strolling down the street where I worked 22 years ago. In some ways it seemed like a blink of an eye – wheeling and dealing – making lots of money, laughing, drinking, having a ball. It was a career and it was super fun. It didn’t matter that I was typing up a rental agreement way after midnight after showing a string of properties – it made it all the more exciting. Furnished lettings in the 1990’s was all the rage in the fashionable areas of London – Knightsbridge, Chelsea, Belgravia – that’s where I worked – and ultimately where I met my husband!


When I walked down the street where I used to work 22 years ago ,with my youngest daughter, now 15 years old, it was quite a flash back. If I hadn’t fallen in love with one of my American clients, moved to America and had four daughters – perhaps I would be running the company by now? Honestly it’s not beyond the bounds of possibility. Surely I’d be a partner at least. It’s strange how life works out. If anyone asks me what I’m most proud of in life – without any hesitation I would say my daughters. I”m so thankful for them. And yet when I looked at my old office and realized what could have been ……. could I have done both?? I would have liked to…. but in those days it wasn’t feasible from both sides of the Atlantic.

Now I’m just thankful that midlife is a chance to start over and build a career. There is no other time in history that has offered so much at midlife – it’s up to each one of us. What do we want? where do we want to go? Midlife is just beginning for each of us…. and the silver lining is we have the benefit of hindsight!!! We are no longer blinded by”love” but instead we can see what we need and want to do. We just need to buckle down and do it.

One year ago today I became certified as a yoga teacher – this is something I never thought would be a part of my life but when my teacher, a 23 year old yogini, constantly encouraged me to pursue what I loved – I did and I”m so thankful for it!


For all you ladies and gentlemen out there – life really does begin again at 50 – or 60 or beyond – believe in yourselves and take step after step to be where you want to be:) It’s never easy – I don’t think it’s meant to be – but it is exciting – and at our age who cares anyway – there’s nothing to lose and everything to gain:)



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