Coming Home to the South of England.

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To be back in England where I grew up in the countryside is such a joy! I manage to find a week or two most summers to come back “home.” I’ve lived in the States now for 22 years – raised my four daughters and carved out my yoga career so in many ways America is home but in my bones, in my heart and in my soul it will always be England. As soon as I step off the plane everything feels just right, everyone understands what I’m saying, every nuance is understood, it feels like everything is nicely aligned!

I’m here this summer with my youngest daughter and after spending a couple of days in London visiting old haunts – my old office and flat!!! we’ve come down to the country where everything is just the same. One of our favorite (American spelling now!) places is Cowdray Park in Midhurst, West Sussex. We watch polo, eat delicious local and organic produce at the nearby Cowdray Cafe, marvel at the gentle South Downs and listen to the wood pigeons cooing. It’s Heaven for us.


It’s dangerous to go into the farm shop the produce is from the grounds at Cowdray, perfectly fresh – not a wilted lettuce leaf in sight!  We spend hours in here – it’s so lovely not worry about watching the clock:)


The British adore their dogs – there’s nowhere in England that a dog can’t go! They’re very welcome at the cafe:)


Gorgeous homemade cakes and dog biscuit cookies for everyone to enjoy.


Flowers, herbs and produce from the estate.


A too tempting selection of Neal’s Yard Remedies – I of course succumbed very quickly and bought a lovely hand cream.


A snap taken of the ruins of Cowdray Castle – spooky but gorgeous!

IMG_0743 (1).jpg

Generally when I arrive from the States I’m exhausted – after about 3 days in the country everything is reset. All the worries float away, all the things that seemed really important in America suddenly aren’t. England reassures me that everything will be ok:) Every time I’m back I promise myself I’ll spend more time here – maybe one day have a little cottage here and settle for a few months at a time – dividing my time more evenly between England and America – I can’t imagine how – but I’m just putting my stake in the ground!

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