The Magic of Senior Yoga


Today I taught a Chair Yoga Class to a group of ladies I’ve come to LOVE. It’s nothing fancy, just 8 or so ladies at a senior center who knew nothing about yoga a few months ago. Now they’re hooked. We talk about the importance of breath, of keeping our bodies moving but of course they teach me so much more than I can teach them. I’m not entirely sure what the average age is but there’s no one under 80. They’ve lived through so many triumphs and tragedies. They’re dignified, poised and have a wicked sense of humor, I’m just honored to spend time with them. Today one of my ladies told me she could now walk down the steps of the swimming pool all by herself, something she was unable to do a month or so ago before she started yoga. Another mentioned she used to have swollen and painful ankles, since she started doing yoga they’re SO much better.  And that’s exactly why I  love to do what I do.

For inspiration take a look at the worlds oldest yoga teachers. Tao Porchon-Lynch is 96 years young and just completed a stint on Dancing with the Stars! She’s the real deal, having started yoga when she was four years old, living in India and studying with the great yogis of all time. How blessed we are to have her still with us.

Tao Porchon-Lynch




Ida Herbert


Ida Herbert is also 96, here she is still bouncing around in her leotard, still teaching. I find her inspirational and I hope you do too.

My oldest student is Antoinette, she’s 103 years old, an absolute angel and joins in with the yoga class every time:)  Did I mention I love my job?


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