4 books you should read.

Here are some books that will rock your world. From cooking up some amazing vegan meals, learning to say “Yes”, Healing your Life to becoming a Rich Bitch, this list has you covered. These are powerful books with powerful messages written by powerful women. Enjoy, learn and blossom.


Just in case you’ve been living under a rock Shonda Rhimes is the creator and producer of How to Get Away with Murder, Scandal and Grey’s Anatomy. That should get your attention. Despite her fabulous success, Shonda HATES publicity and always said NO to glittering events – actually she said no to almost any event until her sister called her out on it. Shonda started thinking about her life and realized she really wasn’t that comfy in her comfort zone. In her touching and hilarious memoir she chronicles her year of YES and her unexpected transformation. It’s a must.




If you only read one of these books  I would highly recommend Louise Hay ‘s “You Can Heal Your Life.” It’s quite amazing. You’ll probably end up reading it multiple times. She’s as real and insightful as anyone you’ll ever come across.


Tara Stiles is pretty incredible! A model turned Yoga teacher – turned Yoga mogul – if that’s actually a thing. I LOVE her cookbook – I’m going to cook every delicious vegan recipe and hope I look like Tara as a result:)


I first read Rich Bitch when I was starting my Yoga business and thank goodness I did. Nicole pulls no punches but somehow makes finances fun – really! I bought copies for my daughters and even they were impressed:) If you want to get your financial world together – read this!

I hope you get a chance to read all of these – snuggle up somewhere nice and warm, start reading and get an education!


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