The Power of Positive Thoughts



Have you realized how much your thoughts direct your behavior? Dwelling on positive happy thoughts create a positive happy mind. I’m not talking about wishful thinking, or telling yourself everything is fine and dandy if it’s clearly not. I’m talking about nudging yourself in a different direction when you’re about to go down the rabbit hole of negative thinking.

In the Yoga Sutras we are told to “still the fluctuations of the mind” which is perfect for meditation, but sometimes (at least for me) it’s impossible to stop the fluctuations but it’s not impossible to steer the direction of your thoughts. Good thoughts attract good thoughts. It actually works – I’ve been practicing. When you catch yourself ruminating on something that upsets, worries or irritates you – STOP for a moment, ask yourself what you want to feel  instead and why. Asking yourself these questions will more than likely nudge your thought process to a better place.

Doesn’t it seem like a really good idea to become the master of your thoughts, to be in control of your mind instead of being lead on a wild goose chase of negative thoughts. I think it’s possible to become so. I think it’s just a habit. I’m going to cultivate this one. What about you, are you the master of your thoughts already, or are you working on it?


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