Are you a worrier?


A friend of mine posted this picture by Gemma Correll on facebook today and I thought it pretty much sums up life for a lot of us. SOOOO many worries, some minor, some major all swirling around in our heads fighting for our attention. What is it with women and worry? why are we SOOOO good at it? and how do we stop it? I actually envy people who don’t worry. I wish I could be like that. Is it a mother thing? Are people born worriers or do we become dedicated worriers over the years?

I’m told you can learn to turn your negative thoughts into positive ones. For example every time you mutter under your breath “I’m such an idiot” (and let’s face it how many times do you tell yourself that a day??) you can catch yourself in the act and turn it around to say “I’m actually a very intelligent person who has a lot going on.” I much prefer that and honestly, even if you don’t immediately believe it, it really does make you feel a little better.

Another tool in the anti worry arsenal is meditation. I know it’s not easy, but even 5 minutes a day makes a different. Just to still the mind for a few seconds. To acknowledge all these worries then allow them to pass through the mind and not dwell on them is actually empowering. Meditation is a work in progress for me. I wrote an article about it here. It’s a beautiful thing that is the antithesis of worry. For me at the end of a yoga class lying in savasana is about the closest I get to leaving my worries behind. That beautiful moment of peace when the body and mind are still. Are you a worrier? How do you deal with your worries? Do share:)

4 thoughts on “Are you a worrier?

    • Hi Genevieve,
      Thank you SO much! It’s lovely to get feed back – especially like this! I think we all have so many feelings that we all share and it just makes life easier when we can relate to each other more:) Thank you so much for the nomination – I’m thrilled!

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      • Yay! I’m glad. I think that’s why I love this blogging community so much because we are all here because there’s at least one thing we can relate on and that’s our love and joys from writing and sharing. My creative mind helps me get through my times of worry or any emotion for that matter.


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