Life with Yoga.

Throughout the last two years the beauty of yoga has slowly become apparent in my life. I suspect the more I learn and practice the more beautiful it will become. To begin with it was just the physical aspect that attracted me but the more classes I took the more my attitude changed in other areas of my life. I became calmer, happier, less rushed. Slowly I started learning how to “breathe” and therefore how to “accept”.

Life can be hard and I’m human so sometimes I turn my back in anger and ignore the beauty, but when I stop for a minute, breathe and close my eyes the beauty comes back. It’s part of me now and I don’t want to live without it. That’s why I’m on this path, to live it, breathe it and sleep it. To encourage others as I have been encouraged, not to be consumed with the worries of the world but instead to spread the beauty.

Completing my 200 hour yoga teachers training has been a blessing and finding my niche teaching at nursery schools, seniors centers and assisted living homes has been another blessing! My little kids are energizing and SO fun and my seniors warm my heart.

Currently I’m in England visiting my family trying to teach them how to breathe! I didn’t bring my mat or my Tibetan bell or any incense and perhaps that’s just as well, they’re not used to such things. Yoga travels with you neatly packed up in your heart. It never leaves you and never lets you down.


4 thoughts on “Life with Yoga.

  1. Love this post! I just started yoga a few months ago and like you, I first started because I wanted to learn all of the awesome poses and inversions but it has really grown on me and changed me in so many ways. So happy I found yoga =)


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