Meditation and The Elephant Journal.

Flickr/Caleb Roenigk

How do you feel about meditation? Any interest, can’t do it, adore it, never tried it? Hop over to the elephant journal and check out my article on the subject:) You’ll be sure to find all sorts of other good stuff too.


Photo: Flickr/Caleb Roenigk

3 thoughts on “Meditation and The Elephant Journal.

  1. Thank you for this! I think I was meant to see this because I’ve been thinking about meditation for a while, particularly in the last few days. I feel like it’s a great challenge to shut down the chatter of my mind, but would love to learn how. It has been on my mind to read more about meditation and then of course practice it. So, it’s probably no coincidence that I came across this post as soon as I opened my computer 🙂


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