Yoga: The Bells and Whistles


What do you love about yoga? is it the physical aspect, the workout,? Do you adore power yoga, are you in it for the yoga body? Perhaps you love restorative yoga, the hands on assists gently nudging your body towards a deeper stretch. Or, do you love the bells and whistles of yoga, the fun stuff, the essential oils, the music, the statues, the candles, maybe some flowers, really the fancy wrapping, the great big bow on the the top of the gift of yoga. Well, I do.

In yoga class this morning I was feeling stiff and achy. I was feeling every one of my fifty years (still can’t quite believe that) but then I tuned into the music, smelled the sandalwood, looked at the gorgeous flowers smiling down at me from the front of the room, took a moment and turned my attention to my breath. Something seemed to shift, to relax a little, to become a little less stiff and a little more beautiful.Divine Flower Blossom (3026020722).jpg

Maybe it’s not just bells and whistles, maybe it’s more. I believe all these things are helpful in a yoga journey because they add beauty. Beauty is such a necessary part of life. Beauty is a comfort, beauty is encouraging, beauty is inspiring.  And of course – so is yoga, they compliment each other. That’s why I was helped this morning, allowing me to surrender, to find peace within my body, to accept and then move forward.

flowers 037What’s your point of you? do you love the bells and whistles, are you a purest, do they offend you or do they help you? I would love to know….





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