A Few Lovely Things.


The Butcher’s Daughter is one of my favorite cafe/juice bars in New York City. The menu is fabulous, the food so fresh and delicious and their juices, which are made daily and on the premises are out of this world. You couldn’t possibly be disappointed here. It’s also whimsical and stylish, I want to decorate my kitchen every time I visit.

Quince Day CreamDr Hauschka’s Quince Day Cream is a joy to put on your face every morning. Other ingredients include jojoba, apricot and avocado oils.  Dr Hauschka’s products are completely cruelty free, they just feel “pure”. I love their products.


The best pair of socks you’ll ever buy! “Posie Turner is a brand for those with big hearts and confident style. We are inspired by good words, soulful connections and distinctive design.” I think that pretty much sums it up.


This beautiful antique rose was blooming in my brother’s garden in the heart of the English countryside. It’s aroma was exquisite. It reminds me of how much I love and miss my homeland – and how much I love to visit. Afternoon tea in this garden is a joy.

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