October Favorites.

 Kissing pumpkins

Kissing pumpkins

This October has been a blaze of blue skies, brilliant leaves, farmers markets overflowing with curious looking squash and free apple cider. What’s not to love about Fall? Lets not forget Halloween:) we have skeletons lurking in corners, giant spiders clinging to the porch railings and spooky candles with silhouettes of flying witches perched on windowsills.  I think we’re ready. If you’re not already in a Fall frame of mind, here are a few favorite October picks to help you get there.

Best Read: Elizabeth Gilbert’s new book is a non fiction offering, almost a self help book but of a hugely inspiring kind. She invites us to find the “strange jewels that are hidden within all of us” and “infuse our everyday lives with more mindfulness and passion.” I’m a huge Gilbert fan, I’ve just ordered my copy. Have you read it? What did you think?

Best Article of Clothing:  Check out this lululemon vinyasa scarf. I’m completely obsessed, I wrap myself up in this all the time which is just as well as when I don’t my daughter has a tendency to “borrow” it. Lululemon actually have a tutorial on their website teaching you how to style your scarf:)

Best Halloween treat: Looking for a great vegan cupcake with a stylish Halloween vibe? Check out Emma Eats and be inspired.

Best Indulgence. Yes, I’m at Brit, so maybe I’m a tiny bit biased about Jo Malone and her wonderful candles.  This is perfect for Halloween:)

Best Meal of October: I had a fabulous bowl of soup at Mint. Bean and escarole  was one of their specials, and yes it was very special, I think the stock was garlic based, but whatever it was it was HEAVEN. I’m not the only one who thinks so, check out what the NY Times said here.

Best moment: Sipping chai rooibos tea watching the leaves change color in the garden.

garden leaves 015







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