Moving through the Fear.

IMG_2410 (2)

I was so thrilled and honored to recently teach a gentle yoga class at the Jamie Surya Yoga Studio, the studio where I attended my 200 hour RYT teachers training. Honestly, there were a few nerves involved. To help understand the butterflies I thought I would create a dharma talk around the subject of fear – and I thought I’d share it with you…

“Life is full of new and marvelous moments, situations we find ourselves in that make us grow and evolve and expand our hearts, yet fear can block our path. The fear that grips at your heart, blocks your way and blinds your potential. Moving with LOVE instead of fear takes COURAGE. But on the other side of every fear you CONQUER lies liberation, joy, happiness, acceptance, healing, gratitude and FREEDOM. Allow your practice to melt that icy veil of fear by moving forward everyday, gratefully taking the opportunities life gives us, fulfilling our potential and living life with LOVE.”

I taught my class and yes it was lovely. My students were exceptionally generous and happily I was back the following week. So deeply contented and so, so grateful.

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